Thursday, January 17, 2013


just wanna share you guys.. just know, i lay on my bed playing with the phone..
suddenly, i felt there was a little shaking on my bed.. i thought that someone is sitting that makes my bed a little shaking.. but when i turn around to see what is really happening.. there was no one on my bed! its only me.. i just keep silent till the little shaking is over.. then i ask my housemate about the shaking.. surprisingly, they felt it to! quickly, i on my lappy and skype with kaklang (my cousin, she is studying in alex to).. she said that, she felt it to.. its an earthquake, a little earthquake and she said that it will be okey because of her cat did not make any weird sign (they continue to sleep, i mean).. then she gave me this link about the earthquake.. and this is actually i want to share with you.. its a reminder for us that death can come anytime without our conscious.. and imam Ghazali said that the things that is very near to us is death.. Hopefully, we are all in Allah protection and his pleased.. 

Apabila bumi digegarkan dengan gegaran yang sedahsyat-dahsyatnya, [99 : 1]

Serta bumi itu mengeluarkan segala isinya, [99 : 2]

Dan berkatalah manusia (dengan perasaan gerun); "Apa yang sudah terjadi kepada bumi?" [99 : 3]

Pada hari itu bumipun menceritakan khabar beritanya: [99 : 4]

Bahawa Tuhanmu telah memerintahnya (berlaku demikian). [99 : 5]

Pada hari itu manusia akan keluar berselerak (dari kubur masing-masing) - untuk diperlihatkan kepada mereka (balasan) amal-amal mereka. [99 : 6]

Maka sesiapa berbuat kebajikan seberat zarah, nescaya akan dilihatnya (dalam surat amalnya)! [99 : 7]

Dan sesiapa berbuat kejahatan seberat zarah, nescaya akan dilihatnya (dalam surat amalnya)! [99 : 8]

p/s: my exam is just i the corner,, pray for me okey! :)