Friday, February 4, 2011

awesome Sungha Jung!

salam sme..
aku just nak share kat korang about this boy..
Shungha Jung! pandai gle main guitar..
kecik2 lg dh pandai.. try look at this video..
nie time die kecik.. skrg dh besar..
siap ade official web site lag!
nice.. aku suke die maen guitar.. lg2 lgu nie..
nampak.. terkenal gile kan die.. klu nak dgr lg check his web site..
orait.. thats all from me.. bye!

suan's family fun day~

salam sme..
hari nie nak citer pasal familyday yg baru berlangsung pd khamis n jumaat lps..
wahh! mmg bestt.. sian dgn tshirt lagi! dh llh tshirt tuu comey.. hu3..
well.. already miss them! ahasks!
erm.. lam family day byk giler aktiviti yg dijlnkn.. huu~
mmg best x terkate! nie nak share ckit gmbr2 nyer..

 mkn2.. wee~
kek sampai due! ha3..
 comel kan? baby pown ade baju die.. ha3..
 cantek kan tshirt die? warne hijau!
 palying on the playground~ wee~

 apek! upside down.. power! 
 lots and lots of gift! thnx to mak andak~
 some of the activity.. kutip gula2! sdey.. budak kecik jew yg boleh masok.. huu~
 bace doa sblm mkn.. ha3..
 mkn tembikai! cepat! sape cepat die menang!
 main rebut kerusi! ha3.. aku dpt nombor 2 kowt.. ha3..
 mkn epal.. :p pnjang die menang
 kupas kulit epal.. sape plg pnjg die menang!
who's thw winner?? ha3.. my mother!
 habes pokok kat situ kitorang keje kan.. muahaha..
 pakain beragam for the kids..
 jungle tracking is the best! 
mandi air terjun! wee~
keseluruhan.. mmg best! i like it!
i think thats all.. erm.. thnx 4 the photographers[kak lang]!
thats all from me.. thnx!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


salam sme..
well hari nie kepale ku penuh dgn memory lame..
aku pown x tau nape ade bende camtu lam pikiran aku..
maybe sbb aku dgr lagu kowt.. songs that full of memory..
all of the song remind me of someone i care about..
maybe its just only me that cares..
i dont know..
its hard  me to forget poeple.. 
people that make history in my heart and in my life..
yeah.. its hurt.. but sometime its make me happy..
i dont know..
i dont know what to say.. just wanna share with all off u..
all the song that mean to me..
keep holding on - avril lavigne
1000 miles- victoria justice
the show- lenka
this is some of the song that means to me..
i dont know.. maybe its just me..
anyway.. this is my feelings now..
all the past.. 
its just a lesson that we've learned..
i wont forget.. please dont forget..
somewhere we went wrong..
our love is like a song..
but u wont sing along..
you've forgotten about us..
dont forget..

now that is the last part of the song..
its just me maybe..