Tuesday, February 1, 2011


salam sme..
well hari nie kepale ku penuh dgn memory lame..
aku pown x tau nape ade bende camtu lam pikiran aku..
maybe sbb aku dgr lagu kowt.. songs that full of memory..
all of the song remind me of someone i care about..
maybe its just only me that cares..
i dont know..
its hard  me to forget poeple.. 
people that make history in my heart and in my life..
yeah.. its hurt.. but sometime its make me happy..
i dont know..
i dont know what to say.. just wanna share with all off u..
all the song that mean to me..
keep holding on - avril lavigne
1000 miles- victoria justice
the show- lenka
this is some of the song that means to me..
i dont know.. maybe its just me..
anyway.. this is my feelings now..
all the past.. 
its just a lesson that we've learned..
i wont forget.. please dont forget..
somewhere we went wrong..
our love is like a song..
but u wont sing along..
you've forgotten about us..
dont forget..

now that is the last part of the song..
its just me maybe..

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