Wednesday, June 20, 2012


alhamdulillah.. bersyukur sgt2 bile doa dimakbulkan..
okey the story is,,
about 5.00 pm today, my mother call me..
just express her feelings about the traffic jam she was in..
she said that she was on her way to buy something.. and was accepted to be at the school in 3.00 pm.
to attend a meeting,, well, she call by by that time.. ask about what am i doing..
i was doing my tutorial actually.. its a short call.. may be she didn't want to disturb me..
after the call.. like always.. my tears drop.. missing her so much..
i pray for the strength and simplify my parent business..
then i continued my study..
after one hour n half..
i called my mother, asking her if she still stuck in the traffic..
she said that she was already in her way home (selayang) and things going smoothly..
she was very happy.. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for answered my pray just now..
and i am happy for her.. i love her so much.. thank you Allah.. :))
p/s; saje nak test buat dlm bi.. :P

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