Tuesday, December 21, 2010

surat cinta!

salam.. well pagi tadi aku buat h/w physics..
tengah2 wat terjumpe surat cinta!
dari sape.. aku pown x tau.. jom bace!

dear beloved student SPM 2011,
we expect to be ready to learn everyday! we have so much to learn and discover, and it all starts with you! we expect nothing less than your best! we expect you to ask for help when you need it. you know best if you are unsure about something. we'll be thrilled to do a "working lunch" with anyone who needs a few minutes of individual time. 
what can you expect from us? for starters, you can expect us to care about you. we do! we love teaching. this is where we want to be, and we wouldn't trade it for anything.
you can expect us to be clear about the requirements of the subject. no one in our cless will be caught saying, "i don't understand what i need to do!" if, by chance you really don't get it, remember, ask! you can expect to walk away from this class at the end of the year with a better understanding of the subject and a good feeling about yourself for a job well done!
-Physics teachers..
"may Allah be with you always, and give you piece of mind.
may Allah give you a happy heart and His love all the time.
wish you the very best of luck in your SPM 2011 and may all your dreams come true... Good Luck."

lots of love-Nor Saidah..sbpigombak2010

well.. there you go..
lots off love from me too..
thnx teachers!

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