Friday, March 11, 2011

miss her~

its been one week i didn't see her..
yes.. i feel the empty space in this heart..
well.. its a god faith that she go..
she has make me interested in physics this year..
she gave me hope..
i want too see her..
i already miss her too much..
i still remember the weird words that she use all the time..
isn't she funny?
ha3.. omg.. 
i still remember the first day we went to her class..
she scold us that hole period..
but i feel deep in my heart that she is special..
yes.. she is special..
i don't know how to describe her..
cuz.. she is so special..
she treat us the different way..
she make us think the different way..
when she gone..
ufcorse we all feel the gone..
ha3.. she always says that she didn't like girls..
cuz in her family.. she is the only girl..
oh man~ i miss her..
my tears drops when she give us her speech in the lab.
we sang a song for her..
in front of my eyes..
she cried.
seriously.. i can't hold my tears that time..
i still feel the warm when she hug me..
most of the girls in the lab was crying..
huh.. i don't know..
but i know some day.. we will see again..
may we see u again one day..
promise us.. forget us not..
i remember.. when we take the physics paper last wednesday..
at the back of the paper written
may Allah bless her.. 
love her soo much..

from your student..

(sorry for the mistake sentence) 


  1. Cikgu Saidah was one of the best teachers I've ever had. even it has been years, we, your seniors are missing her. InsyaAllah, she will never forget her students.

  2. hmm.. btoll tuh.. insyaallah.. :p