Monday, October 22, 2012

life in Mesir..

alhamdulillah.. thanks to Allah.. i'm here..
living my life as a student here..
and again, alhamdulillah.. i've done my exam 1 yesterday..
how's the exam?
alhamdulillah.. okey.. :)
as you can see.. live in a whole new country is a little bit difficult..
because.. i don't really know their language..
but, that's what life is all about..
it's all about learning new things..
learning things about life can make you be more matured..
not everything in Mesir is good, and not all the things here are bad..
so, make the good things as guidelines..
another thing that make me tough is my family..
i miss them so much..
may Allah protect them from danger n harm..
may Allah bless them all..
i'm sorry Umi.. i can't celebrate your birthday with you..
may Allah ease..

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