Sunday, October 28, 2012


well i have a great holidays..
eid adha in mesir.. its okey for me..
for the past few days, i ate a lot of malaysian's food..
such as, mee bandung, rendang, laksa, mee sup, and nasi impit kuah kacang..
fuhh.. i ate them a lot!
okey,, i know i'm getting bigger..
about eid adha..
actually, i miss the moment when revivenat celebrate together eid adha last year..
it's actually the best eid adha i've ever had..
yesterday, i attend rewang at mara..
well.. for the first time, i sliced a camel meat..
i feel incredible.. alhamdulillah..
okey the thing is,
i live in a house with 4 of my housemate..
i know that every person have their advantage and disadvantages..
but still we have to learn and correct our mistake.. right?
it is shameful when people comes to our house..
i know that everyone is tired, but why when it comes to cleaning...
some of them avoid from doing it?
is it always have to be me doing all the cleaning?
till they call me acting like a mother..
i feel not comfortable when the house is not tidy..
but we already have a scheduled..
why did the house still untidy?
it is because some of them did not follow it..
hmm.. i know it's kind of hard living with a new people..
tried to be independent in a new country..
pray for us,
hopefully, we will learn things to make us independent..
and people fell pleasure living around us..
and make Allah the place to refer and ask for help..
may Allah bless us all..


  1. ameen...
    happy eid to you aneem
    miss u lot

  2. tq nisa!!!
    happy eid jugak..
    miss u too..