Monday, November 12, 2012

may Allah ease..

alhamdulillah, everything here is okey..
i already get my dslr n bb from pakcik razak n wife..
thank you so much.. :)
yesterday morning, i were skype-ing with my mother..
i saw my little sister, Mawaddah, shes already speak clearly..
i saw my grandmother, Wan, lying on the couch in the living room..
my sister, Raudah and Atiqah, watching the television..
my little brother, Ikhwan, shouting while playing with his friends..  
owhh,, only God knows how much i miss them..
anyway, my mom ask me what will i do for the winter break..
i say that i will be in alex only..
then she said, "its okey, you will have six years there, its along time.. you can also perform your hajj to..", i said "if i want to perform my hajj. i have to have a 'muhrim' with me.."
"well, you can search one.. or i send your brother there with you"
= ="
okey, what did my mom say.. its surprise me..
did she know that i have a feeling with someone here?
yes, i have a feeling with someone here.. he is eighteen, like me..
also taking medic, just like me.. almost everyday i see him here..
ya Allah, i just started my study here.. its a long journey for me..
please give me strength.. may Allah ease..


  1. Aneem kuatkan smagt!
    Fighting! Fighting!
    Igt aku, yana, trah n nani sntiasa ada kat blakang ko.

    P/S : nnt hantar salji sket kat sni bleh tak? hehehe >.<

  2. tq nisa.. :D
    syg.. kat mesir x turun salji lh.. cume sejuk die boleh sampai 0 degree..
    nisa ade whatsapp x?