Wednesday, May 9, 2012


baiklah.. hari nie nak ckp pasal interview..
well, saya dpt interview mara hari ahad nie kat bangi pukul 11 pg..
saya mintak tok belaja optomatry..
 tp.. selepas beberapa research tok pg interview..
saya dpt tau yg belaja optomology utk org yg nak bukak kedai cermin mate..
but my goal in to be an optomologist..
so my mother said that, nnty time pg interview..
mintak ckp kat MARA yg tersilap phm ttg optomatry nieh..
so.. hopefully dpt lh mintak cost medic kat mesir then specialist to optomology..
now, i just pray to Allah that everything goes smoothly when it comes to my study..
i beg for your doa..
oh pretty please?
anyway.. good luck for those yg pg interview!

a little tips for interview;
* don't be so dominant, or queen control of the group..
* don't be to shy to speak
* give your opinion AND accept peoples opinion..
* most important thing; BE YOUR SELF!


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