Tuesday, May 29, 2012


okeyh.. nak cite..
semalam check MARA..
dgn terkejot nyer.. dapat!
BUT. optometry in UK..
well.. liked i told you before.. i like to be a doctor that is specialist to ophthalmology..
optometry and ophthalmology is different..
okey.. the different is,
optometry- OD
ophthalmology- DR
so. its clearly different right?
hmm.. so.. skrg tgh berbelah bahagi..
yelah dh dpt mara x nak pg.. org yg x dpt tuhh belambak2 lg..
so my choices;
- Asasi Sains at UiTM Puncak Alam
- Medic di Mesir
- Optometry in UK under Mara

so kepala otak skrg nieh mmg tgh serabut..
mlm td dh buat tp x nmpk ape2 pown.. T.T

i need advice please..

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